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AddThis Update to Your Social Network

AddThis Update to Your Social Network

BLU FROG Energy drinks
Get Hopped Up

Get Hopped Up

With BLU FROG Energy Drinks
Get hopped up on LIMU Brand BLU FROG Energy drinks.
Unleash BLU FROG's Nutrient dense formula inside you.
Feel all the energy with No crash nor gut rot!
BLU FROG contains 2oz of LIMU ORIGINAL juice in every can! 
Complete Weight Management System

Complete Weight Management System

Lean Weight Management System
Feel Full with Fast Results using the LIMU LEAN 
Complete Weight Management system.
Or Choose from the Meal Replacement Shakes,
Appetite Controller and
Digestive Cleanse to meet
your weight management needs.
All the Goodness of LIMU ORIGINAL,
Designed to fit the needs of healthy weight control. 
Home Based Business Opportunity with Residual Income

Home Based Business Opportunity with Residual Income

Get Healthy! Make Money! Live Out Loud!

LIMU has Easy, affordable, all-natural products made with fucoidan rich, Limu Moui seaweed extract;
from the Sphaerotrichia Divaricata sea plant off the Island Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific. 

Which puts The LIMU Home Based Business Opportunity on a stable foundation for residual income.

Don't be fooled by other so-called health products and diet supplements that do Not use This Particular plant.  

Use these LIMU liquid dietary supplements everyday to boost Your immune system:

Kosher Certified LIMU ORIGINAL Juice, BLU FROG Energy Drinks and LIMU LEAN Weight Management System.

See over 1,300 published scientific studies of Fucoidan at the
U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health online database.  

That's Just One Nutrient found in each LIMU Brand family of products! Click here to see The Nutrients Found in Limu
Does Your liquid diet suppliment compare? Check it out on Pubmed.gov.

Use The LIMU Company home based business Opportunity to Your Advantage and Generate Residual Income!
Potentially increase Your personal finances simply when You share Your Story with others.

Order LIMU ORIGINAL juice, BLU FROG Energy drinks and the LEAN Weight Management System 
On Monthly Autoship to qualify for residual income with this home based business.

Qualifying Members are entitled to, but Not limited to:
 Cash every month
Recognition on Your Success
Trips paid for by The LIMU Company
A Free Website:
Is available to All Members.
Connect Your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Full library of free images, videos, MP3, downloads and more!

Upgrade to the iamlimu Pro for only $19.95 a month to get even more optimization.

With the LIMU home based business opportunity, you can rest assured knowing that
You are joining a Company who is committed to the Highest Quality Standards for their Products and Services.
Plus, The LIMU Prosperity Plan is one of the Best in the Industry.

Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.
We're here to help!

It's my honor and pleasure to help You attain a Healthy Lifestyle
and Prepare for Your Family's Future Survival.

I'm Barbara A. Thornton and I Am LIMU because I Seaweed Differently for Your Family's Survival.
LIMU Member ID # 8536438 a.k.a. Lady Limu

Call me today to start Your LIMU Home Based Business Opportunity and Get Healthy, Create Residual Income and Live Out Loud!

"Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity... our very survival may hinge on it." 

~John F. Kennedy

Start Your LIMU Experience Here

Start Your LIMU Experience Here

I'm Barbara A Thornton and IAmLIMU because I Seaweed Differently.

I look forward to helping you start Your LIMU Experience and be with you every step of the way. 
I'm only a phone call away at 931.628.4355

Whether you choose to become a Customer to enjoy all the benefits of Limu Moui Nutrients and The LIMU Company's exceptional liquid diet supplements,
Or turn Your LIMU Experience into a home based business opportunity to earn a residual income -
You Come Out The Winner.

Call me today and let's set Your LIMU Experience in motion -
On Your Budget -
On Your Time Frame -
According to Your Needs and Desires. 

Start Your LIMU Experience Here simply by ordering LIMU Products online from my Secure, Official IAmLIMU website.
I'm happy to help you fill out the form if you need assistance.

May you receive blessings of peace and health, joy and prosperity always!

Hope for the Best but Prepare for the Worst with Lady Limu's Healthy Food and Supplements for Survival.

Questions or Concerns

Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns,
Please feel free to Call me Direct at (931) 628-4355

Email me at barbarathornton@healthyfoodandsupplementsforsurvival
Visit our Privacy Policy page to see our Copyright and Disclaimer for more information.
And as always,
LIMU Member Support can be reached at 1-888-869-5468
Just dial 1-888-8MY-LIMU
Buy LIMU ORIGINAL juice liquid diet supplements made from Fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and start The Limu Company home internet based business opportunity for your family survival.
BLU FROG Energy Drink
Buy BLU FROG Energy drinks liquid diet supplements with fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and start Your LIMU Experience with the limu company home based business opportunity today.
LIMU LEAN Weight Management System
These diet aid supplements have essential food nutrients from sea vegetable.
LIMU LEAN weight management Includes meal replacement shakes, digestive health cleanse, appetite controller.
Accelerate Weight Loss and Control Cravings with LIMU LEAN BURN.
Contains ultra-premium protein, soluble fiber and all-natural caffeine.
Limu Moui Nutrients
List of Limu Moui Nutrients.
Buy LIMU ORIGINAL liquid diet supplements to earn a residual income with this home based business opportunity.

Short Poems
Conference Calls Are Open For All
These telephone conference calls have product information and reviews plus a strategic business plan to be financially secure.
Become self employed with this work at home opportunity and visionary leadership.
Get Anorexia Nervosa treatment and Eating Disorders support at Lady Limu's blog 2BRecoverED where Anorexia and Eating Disorders recovery begins with healthy, whole food Nutrients.
Personal Stories
Personal stories of Original Limu juice, Blu Frog Energy drink, Limu Lean Weight Management System made with fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and TheLimuCompany home internet based business opportunity.
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