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AddThis Update to Your Social Network

There's Only 1 LIMU ORIGINAL
LIMU ORIGINAL Seaweed Blend Juice

LIMU ORIGINAL Seaweed Blend Juice

LIMU ORIGINAL Fucoidan Rich Diet Supplement
The Premium Seaweed Blend of LIMU ORIGINAL,
makes this juice The Premier Fucoidan Rich Diet Supplement.
BLU FROG Energy drinks
Get Hopped Up

Get Hopped Up

With BLU FROG Energy Drinks
Get hopped up on LIMU Brand BLU FROG Energy drinks.
Unleash BLU FROG's Nutrient dense formula inside you.
Feel all the energy with No crash nor gut rot!
BLU FROG contains 2oz of LIMU ORIGINAL juice in every can! 
Complete Weight Management System

Complete Weight Management System

Lean Weight Management System
Feel Full with Fast Results using the LIMU LEAN 
Complete Weight Management system.
Or Choose from the Meal Replacement Shakes,
Appetite Controller and
Digestive Cleanse to meet
your weight management needs.
All the Goodness of LIMU ORIGINAL,
Designed to fit the needs of healthy weight control. 
Home Business Opportunity with Residual Income

Home Business Opportunity with Residual Income

Get Healthy! Make Money! Live Out Loud!

Easy, affordable, all-natural products made with fucoidan rich (limu moui) seaweed from the Sphaerotrichia Divaricata sea plant off the Island Kingdom of Tonga in the south Pacific. 

Don't be fooled by other so-called products that do Not use This Particular plant.  

Use these dietary supplements everyday to boost Your immune system:

ORIGINAL LIMU Juice, BLU FROG Energy Drink and LEAN Weight Management System

See over 900 published scientific studies of fucoidan at the
U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health online database.  

That's Just One Nutrient found in each LIMU Brand family of products!
Does Your liquid diet suppliment compare? Check it out on Pubmed.

Use The Limu Company home internet based business Opportunity to Your advantage!
Potentially increase Your personal finances simply when You share Your Story with others.

Order these products on monthly autoship for Instant Savings and start Your Free Membership.

LIMU ORIGINAL juice, BLU FROG Energy drink and the LEAN Weight Management System.

Qualifying Members are entitled to, but Not limited to:
 Cash every month
Recognition on Your Success
Trips paid for by TLC
A Free Website:
Connect Your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Full library of free images, videos, MP3, downloads and more!

Upgrade to the iamlimu Pro for only $14.95 a month to get even more optimization:

Full email access with one click email marketing with Copy Professionally Written,
A Blog to keep track of Your Health and Financial Success, 
A business tax and deduction tool
And Much More!

Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.
We're here to help!

It's our honor and pleasure to help You attain a Healthy Lifestyle
and Prepare for Your Family's Future Survival.

We are
Wayne and Barbara A. Thornton
Member ID # 8536438 a.k.a. LadyLimu

"Knowledge of the oceans is more than a matter of curiosity... our very survival may hinge on it." 

~John F. Kennedy

"It's Time" You Join The Team!

Buy LIMU ORIGINAL juice dietary supplements for eating disorders anorexia made from Fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and start The Limu Company home internet based business opportunity for your family survival.
BLU FROG Energy Drink
Buy BLU FROG Energy drink dietary supplements with fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and start the limu company home internet based business opportunity today.
LIMU LEAN Weight Management System
These diet aid supplements have essential food nutrients from sea vegetable.
LIMU LEAN weight management Includes meal replacement shakes, digestive health cleanse, appetite controller.
Short Poems
Conference Calls Are Open For All
These telephone conference calls have product information and reviews plus a strategic business plan to be financially secure.
Become self employed with this work at home opportunity and visionary leadership.
Get Anorexia Nervosa treatment and Eating Disorders support at Lady Limu's blog 2BRecoverED where Anorexia and Eating Disorders recovery begins with healthy, whole food Nutrients.
LIMU Web Links
Link page of LIMU web links for website promotion, suggested links and link list.
Personal Stories
Personal stories of Original Limu juice, Blu Frog Energy drink, Limu Lean Weight Management System made with fucoidan rich limu moui seaweed and TheLimuCompany home internet based business opportunity.
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Copyright and Disclaimer

Copyright and Disclaimer

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It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is Not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease.
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The science has Not yet developed to the extent necessary to verify such experiences or claims.
Each Individual can/will have a unique response when using these products.
No guarantee is given express or implied to anyone to achieve specific results.
Even though LIMU ORIGINAL juice is a certified Kosher product, we strongly suggest:
Seek the advice of your health care professional before modifying your normal diet in any way.