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BLU FROG Energy drinks
Get Hopped Up

Get Hopped Up

With BLU FROG Energy Drinks
Get hopped up on LIMU Brand BLU FROG Energy drinks.
Unleash BLU FROG's Nutrient dense formula inside you.
Feel all the energy with No crash nor gut rot!
BLU FROG contains 2oz of LIMU ORIGINAL juice in every can! 
Complete Weight Management System

Complete Weight Management System

Lean Weight Management System
Feel Full with Fast Results using the LIMU LEAN 
Complete Weight Management system.
Or Choose from the Meal Replacement Shakes,
Appetite Controller and
Digestive Cleanse to meet
your weight management needs.
All the Goodness of LIMU ORIGINAL,
Designed to fit the needs of healthy weight control. 

I've been getting some great questions about the LEAN Weight Management System and thought I would try to clarify some of them here.

First of all,

I would like to make it clear that with this diet plan, You do NOT have to change Your life.

You do Not have to do tons of excercise nor do You have to change What You eat.

Great news for both sides of the weight issue!

Whether it is weight loss or gain, LIMU LEAN has Your name!

What makes this system unique is the fact that every product has the limu moui seaweed, Fucoidan extract in it. This one nutrient forces the body to become healthy - naturally.

When You drink just 2 shakes a day, Your USRDA is 70% covered! This means You only have to add 30% of Your nutrients from solid food.

What will happen by drinking 2 shakes a day?

The LEAN Meal Replacement shakes are packed with 6 different kinds of protein Plus Your carbohydrates and all the Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals Your body craves.

Our bodies need carbs to help digest the protein.

In the case of just protein shakes, our body cannot use all the protein effectively even if it is in a small form.

When our body gets All the proper nutrients it needs, no longer does that hunger feeling rule the day.

The only way our body knows to get Nutrients is to Eat More Food.

Well, if the food we eat does not contain the proper amount of Nutrients - NOT calories - then it no longer has to go looking in the cupboards or fridge just to fill the void that it never can.

Hence, the reason why many feel they are addicted to food. Not so! Your body is addicted to Nutrients and so far food has been the only way to get them.

When Your body is satisfied, You will Naturally eat less without feeling deprived.

Simply eat sensibly - instead of a whole bag of potato chips for afternoon snack, just have a few handfulls.

That is the beauty of the LEAN System. Eat what You want, when You want, just be smart about Your choices.

What about all the excercise other diets make You do in order for them to work?

I hate excercise! I despise sit-ups and push-ups. I refuse to run more then a block (usually because it's raining when i get out of the store and have to sprint to my car).

So i totally understand NOT wanting or having a desire to "exercise" - in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, we grew up with this definition:

"The act of performing drills;  the act of training or developing onesself; something that is done to maintain or increase a skill, such as practice on the piano." Exercise in Webster's Dictionary c 2000.

Today, they call it Physical Excercise. A more user friendly term i think. It is defined as:

"Physical exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. It is performed for various reasons including strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system, honing athletic skills, weight loss or maintenance, as well as for the purpose of enjoyment."

I Love to dance and sing! Thanks to the progressive thinkers at Wikipedia this activity is included. It's time to think differently and congratulate Yourself on All that You Do everyday for excercise:

Have You vacuumed lately? What about washing, folding and putting away clothes in drawers and up on hangers? Don't forget those grocery bags that had to be loaded, unloaded and then brought from the car  to the pantry? Dusting is a great one for reaching in all those nooks and corners. Sweeping and mopping are excellent exercise!

So, let's bring this all together.

LIMU LEAN Weight Management System gives Your body the right amounts of nutrients, protein and carbohydrates that will give Your body what it needs to stop the food cravings and empty calories going in.

In turn, Your body Will respond by using the existing excess fat to feed the lean muscle that eats the extra fat.

Because Your body is now using these nutrients to burn fat and build muscle, You have more energy to accomplish Your physical goals and transform Your lifestyle.

When You have more energy, You naturally are more active.

Which in turn helps to burn even more calories.

"Work Smart - Not Hard" is our family motto.

The LEAN System is Smart. Not hard.


 1) A Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast.

 2) A morning snack - You choose a sensible portion of food.

 3) A Meal Shake for lunch.

 4) Choose another snack in the afternoon.

 5) Have a sensible meal for dinner.

 6) Don't forget the small evening dessert snack. (My personal Favorite:)

6 simple steps.

You Are In Control of Your life and body.

It really Is that simple to have Your LEAN Body type!

Well that's all for now Friends. I hope this helps take some of the scary away.

Diets don't have to be Deadly or hard to stick to. The Limu Company has made sure of that!

I will discuss the Appetite Controller and Digestive Cleanse in another post.

Until then,

I'd be happy to answer Your  questions or  concerns about LIMU.

Just Ask Lady Limu


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Blessings of Peace and Health with Joy and Prosperity alway!

Hope for the Best, but Prepare for the Worse.

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