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BLU FROG Energy drinks
Get Hopped Up

Get Hopped Up

With BLU FROG Energy Drinks
Get hopped up on LIMU Brand BLU FROG Energy drinks.
Unleash BLU FROG's Nutrient dense formula inside you.
Feel all the energy with No crash nor gut rot!
BLU FROG contains 2oz of LIMU ORIGINAL juice in every can! 
Complete Weight Management System

Complete Weight Management System

Lean Weight Management System
Feel Full with Fast Results using the LIMU LEAN 
Complete Weight Management system.
Or Choose from the Meal Replacement Shakes,
Appetite Controller and
Digestive Cleanse to meet
your weight management needs.
All the Goodness of LIMU ORIGINAL,
Designed to fit the needs of healthy weight control. 
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  1. The Cancer - Anorexia Link

    Is cancer and anorexia linked?

    Anorexia (the loss of appetite or desire to eat) is a common symptom in people with cancer.

    Good eating habits during cancer care help the patient cope with the effects of the cancer and its treatment.
  2. LIMU ORIGINAL Juice Is Now:

    A Kosher Certified product for your natural alternative health care needs!

    As a natural by-product of the Company’s commitment to excellence for your daily health needs; the Proprietary Fucoidan extract from limu moui seaweed, natural ingredients and manufacturing process has been certified as adhering to the Jewish dietary laws commonly known as Kosher.

  3. I hope Your New Year is Happy so so far!  
    Thanks for stopping in 
    A quick update on Dad's MDS and LIMU Experience:
    He went in to the hospital today for the bad chemo to last a few days. Then he will get the cord blood transplant.
    Here, they have inserted a port directly into his heart and will inject the fluid and cells from the cord into his body this way.
  4. How much Fucoidan in LIMU ORIGINAL

    I received the following comments on one of my posts and thought it would helpful to write a blog to explain the answers for everyone.
    how much focidan is in each bottle? 
  5. Terry's LIMU Experience

    I'm Terry LaLonde and Throat Cancer Free and I Am LIMU Member 1223201

    I was diagnosed with Stage 4 throat cancer around the 11th of December 2006 and referred to the Medical Center at LSU.

  6. The Good News is my Dad is Cancer Free!

    I just spoke with him this morning after they came back from getting his bone marrow test results.

    There is now NO cancer in his body what so ever!

    The "Bad" chemo he had in July did exactly what it was supposed to do.

  7.   Well, after 80+ days in the hospital after the bad drugs of the mega chemo, my Dad is finally at home to rest and get his white blood cell count up so he can continue on to the cord blood bone marrow transplant.

      While in the hospital, the Dr.'s actually poured his

  8. Your LIMU Experience Starts Here.

    This is No promotion. 

    This IS who We Are and You Can Become with a Healthy Lifestyle that Will affect Your Mind, Body and Finances.

  9. Heart Attack Treatment Research

    Heart attacks are the leading cause of death for both men and women worldwide.

    This study is showing that even After the damaging events have taken place, the sea vegetable nutrient Fucoidan is a viable source of heart attack treatment.

  10. An Intimate Benefit of LIMU ORIGINAL juice Everyday


    This post deals with a mature subject as it pertains to nutrition and overall health as the body ages.

  11. This is a blog post that I had in my documents. It is from the other week.

      Thanks to the storms all day, I had some time to do some extra house cleaning and watch a bit of t.v.  I generally don't watch tv - especially daytime television because i get too uspet and riled up one way or the other.
      Today, I actually looked forward to this break when I woke to the storms.

  12. Here's another Fun Fucoidan Fact

    Fucoidin Enhances Body's Ability to Kill Human Cancer Cells

    Fucoidin enhances dendritic cell-mediated T-cell cytotoxicity against NY-ESO-1 expressing human cancer cells.

  13. Eating Disorders Free Resource: The Smart-Eating Page
    Seems like forever since i've been on this side... I've been so busy with the business side of things that i have not had much time for anything else lately.

      Now that all of the Easy work is done.

  14. Here's a Fun Fucoidan Fact

    Low-molecular-weight fucoidan regulates myogenic differentiation through the mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in C2C12 cells.

    Department of Biomedical Science, CHA University, Kyonggi 463-836, Republic of Korea.

  15. Dad got his port put in yesturday and will start the Bad drugs tomorrow.

    He'll have seven days of intense chemo then two weeks off before another "blast" test. He will stay on this schedule until the test results are down to a 5. Right now blasts are 12 after coming down 4.

    Once the number is correct he will get the cord blood transplant and stay in hospital for a month before going just offsite for three to make sure his body does not reject the new blood.
  16. Fun Fucoidan Fact

    Fucoidan Enhances the Survival

    and Sustains the Number of Splenic Dendritic Cells in Mouse Endotoxemia

    Here are some Webster Definitions to help better understand what the scientific and/or medical lingo is saying.

  17. Side Effects of drinking LIMU Dietary Supplements:

    Weight Control


    Longer, Silkier Hair

    Stronger Nails

    Increased Immunity

    Increased Mobility



    Immune to the Common Cold and Flu

    More Energy

    Better Sleep

    Increased Muscle Tone

    Toxins Expelled from the Body

    Better Organ Function

    Cleaner Oxygenated Blood

    Ability for the Blood to Heal Itself

    Longer, Healthier Life

    Financial Security


  18. The Blessing

    Amber nectar coursing through my veins
    Fucoidan pulling on the reins –
    Bringing my runaway body to a halt;
    Turning it around onto the secure
    health of the asphalt.

  19. ORIGINAL LIMU and Dad's MDS Update 6.7.11 

    Here we are in June 2011 and Dad (64) was diagnosed with stage 2 MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) in November 2010.

      He has been on Vidaza chemo treatments for the past 6 months.

  20. Fucoidan inhibits cellular and neurotoxic effects of beta-amyloid (A beta) in rat cholinergic basal forebrain neurons.


    The deposition of beta-amyloid protein (A beta), a 39-43 amino acid peptide, in the brain and a loss of cholinergic neurons in the basal forebrain are pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

  21. Blu…is that You calling to me across this fog that has once again set in?

    It’s 2:30 p.m. and already half my day has come and gone, leaving so much left to do; seems a never ending afternoon ride when the body/mind decides to call it quits.

  22. Radioprotective Effects of Fucoidan on Bone Marrow Cells - A Fun Fucoidan Fact

    "In this study, we investigated the radioprotective effects of fucoidan on bone marrow cells (BMCs), which are the main cellular reservoir for the hematopoietic and immune system.

  23.   Guard What You Have. Then Get What You Want.

      The only thing in this life that is truely ours to claim is the body and mind we have to walk around with.

      We came into this world naked, hungry, cold and penniless.

Start Your LIMU Experience Here

Start Your LIMU Experience Here

I'm Barbara A Thornton and IAmLIMU because I Seaweed Differently.

I look forward to helping you start Your LIMU Experience and be with you every step of the way. 
I'm only a phone call away at 931.628.4355

Whether you choose to become a Customer to enjoy all the benefits of Limu Moui Nutrients and The LIMU Company's exceptional liquid diet supplements,
Or turn Your LIMU Experience into a home based business opportunity to earn a residual income -
You Come Out The Winner.

Call me today and let's set Your LIMU Experience in motion -
On Your Budget -
On Your Time Frame -
According to Your Needs and Desires. 

Start Your LIMU Experience Here simply by ordering LIMU Products online from my Secure, Official IAmLIMU website.
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May you receive blessings of peace and health, joy and prosperity always!

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Questions or Concerns

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